What To Know About Going Solar in Michigan

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When you’re making the decision to go solar in Grand Rapids, MI, there are several factors to keep in mind! A solar panel system can be a fantastic addition to your home, provided you do your research, consult with professionals, and prepare for the installation effectively. So if you’re thinking about adding solar panels to your home, here’s everything you need to know!

1. Solar Panels Work In The Winter

Yes, even during the long Michigan winter, solar works! In fact, our solar panel systems generate energy all year round. While snow can affect solar panel production, remember that most snows will melt in a few days, so letting Mother Nature do the work will keep you removing the snow yourself and risking injury on a potentially slippery roof surface. However, if you do want to limit any loss of production because of snow, there are products available to safely remove the white stuff. 

2. Net Metering Is A Potential Option

If your solar panels are producing more energy than you use, you may be able to sell the energy back to the grid for a credit on your electric bill. This process is called net metering, and it is one of the biggest perks to owning a solar panel system. You can enjoy an efficient home solar system and bank your energy credits for months when your solar system might not be generating energy at peak levels. This extends your solar savings and allows for a more effective return on your solar investment.

3. You Can Potentially Reduce Your Home’s Electricity Consumption Further

Beyond using renewable energy to run your home, you can potentially maximize your energy savings by installing energy efficiency products such as LED light bulbs, a Nest thermostat, and faucet aerators. All of these items come in our SMARTPWR360OTM energy efficiency package, which is designed to make your solar energy go further. You can make your home more efficient overall to reduce your reliance on the grid and make sure that you are reaping the most benefits out of your solar panel system as possible.

4. You Can Protect Your Home From The Effects Of Grid Outages

When you generate your own electricity and have a Pink Energy backup battery, you can power portions of your home with solar energy if the grid goes down. That’s because excess unused energy generated by your solar panels can be stored in the battery, when it can be used at night, when your solar panels aren’t producing any energy, or when there are power outages. A Pink Energy battery provides an answer for what-ifs.

Add Solar With Pink Energy

By making the change to solar energy, you not only can experience the benefits of solar, but you can do your part to save the planet! For more information, contact our team for a free quote and in-home consultation.