How Long Do Solar Panels Really Last In Michigan?

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When making the decision to install solar panels on your home, you may want to know how long your investment will last. Knowing what factors affect solar panel degradation as well as how to manage solar panels properly could help extend the lifetime of your system. Let’s take a look at how long solar panels typically last as well as the factors that impact their lifespan.

Solar Panel Life Expectancy

Solar panels have warranties that usually last between 25 and 30 years. However, this doesn’t mean your panels will stop producing electricity after that time — rather, electricity production is no longer guaranteed by the manufacturer. The power performance portion of the warranty provided by the manufacturers of the panels Pink Energy sells and installs guarantees that your panels will operate at a minimum of 85 percent of their original capacity after 25 years1.

Solar Panel Warranty

While solar panel degradation is typically minimal, the panels Pink Energy installs offer warranty coverage from manufacturing defects and early wear and tear for 25 years1. If a panel is found to have failed because of a manufacturing defect, you would get a new or refurbished solar panel to replace it. 

How Northern Cold Affects Solar Panels

Michigan homeowners may be wondering if their solar panels can endure harsh winter conditions. As an outdoor product, solar panels have to bear the brunt of all weather conditions. Like most electronics, solar panels actually work more efficiently at lower temperatures and will continue producing solar electricity, even during times of lesser sunlight! And while snowfall may impact your panels’ production for a time, the snow will eventually melt, and your waterproof solar panels will again have direct access to sunlight.

Beat The Michigan Cold With Pink Energy

Although Michigan does face difficult weather conditions in the wintertime, winter storms are no match for our premium solar panels. Interested in learning more? Contact your local team of Pink Energy experts for your free quote!