The Benefits Of Solar In Grand Rapids, MI

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Adding solar to your Michigan home is an excellent option if you’re looking for a way to save on your electric bills and make the world a little bit greener. However, the benefits of solar power go beyond potential electric bill savings and environmental impact. In fact, there are quite a few aspects of solar energy that people might not realize. 

If you’re wondering how your home can benefit from the addition of solar energy, learn more about the overall benefits of solar energy below.

1. Potentially Reduce Your Reliance On The Grid

If you’re generating your own electricity, you may rely less on the grid. Including a Pink Energy backup battery with your purchase enhances your value proposition even further. That’s because if the grid goes down, the excess unused energy stored in your battery can be used to power portions of your home. The battery also can be used at night, when your solar panels aren’t creating any energy, or at any time when you need more energy than your solar panels are generating. These are all ways you benefit from your solar panel system. 

2. Benefit From Net Metering

If your solar panels are producing more electricity than your home needs, you might be able to sell the additional energy back to the grid for credits on future electricity bills. That means that even when your home might need the grid to fill the gaps, you still may be able to save money on electricity. It’s a win-win situation for the grid and for your wallet!

3. Potentially Increase Your Home Value

As the solar movement spreads across the U.S., more people are seeing the value of a built-in solar panel system when they purchase a home. A study from Zillow actually estimates that you can sell your home for around 4% more on average if it has a solar panel system installed. Who doesn’t like a little more money?

4. Claim The Federal Solar Tax Incentive

When you choose to go solar, qualified homeowners can benefit from a tax credit of up to 26% of the cost of your system during tax season. This credit falls to 22% in 2023 before sunsetting altogether for homeowners, so there’s no better time than now to choose to go solar!

Go Solar In Grand Rapids, MI

Adding a solar panel system to your Grand Rapids home comes with so many benefits! Enjoy a reliable source of clean energy for years to come with Pink Energy’s American-made, top-tier solar panels. For more information about how solar energy can benefit you, contact one of our solar experts