Are Solar Panels Equipped For Michigan Winters?

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Because your solar panel system has to stand up to wind, sleet, snow and hail, it must be durable. If you’re considering adding a solar panel system to your Michigan home, you may wonder how it will hold up against the extreme weather conditions that the Midwest is known for. 

As long as you talk with a solar expert and invest in the appropriate panels, you likely will find that your setup is an asset to your home all year round. To learn more about how your solar panels are designed to withstand winter weather, you can find more information below.

Are Solar Panels Waterproof?

High-quality solar panels are designed to be as waterproof as possible. Because solar panels are exposed to the elements for several decades over the course of their lifetime, all solar panels are built to protect the solar cells and the wiring, which is vulnerable to potential water damage.

That’s why solar panels are typically covered using a glass sheet on one side and a durable, polymer-based sheet on the back. This allows for maximum protection from the elements and establishes a strong seal against the external elements.

Do I Need To Clean Snow Off Of My Solar Panels?

Absolutely not! Your solar panel system will melt snow on its own fairly quickly. Typically within a day or so, your solar panels will absorb enough sunlight to melt the snow and have it easily slide off. You could potentially damage your panel system by removing the snow instead of letting the sun do its job!

Are Solar Panels Weatherproof?

Solar panels are designed to stand up to most weather conditions. A properly racked and installed solar system can endure snow, sleet and ice all winter long and still produce solar energy. In addition, a solar panel system can withstand strong winds and more extreme storms when installed correctly by a professional team.

Add Solar Energy For The Michigan Winter With Pink Energy

No matter how brutal the winter might be, your solar panel system will help you and your family weather the storm! With Pink Energy’s team of experts, you can feel confident that your solar system will be properly installed and ready to generate electricity all winter long. Contact us today for more information about how adding solar to your Grand Rapids home can be a quick and easy process!